Mariana Lara


Anna O'Donnell





Anna O’Donnell is a artist and a teacher. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2006 and studied at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2014 she received a Master of Art and Teaching degree from Rhode Island School of Art and Design.  Anna has taught visual art to students at the Kindergarten level up to 12th grade, from Romania and the West Indies to Rhode Island, Boston and the Southern Berkshires. She has a passion for having a part in student transformation through art and design education and an interest in STEAM teaching methods believing that STEAM and the fine arts education models combined are a powerful system for reaching children. The Visual Arts program at Richmond Consolidated School will inspire learners to communicate enduring ideas, through education in art and design, and to explore and question the world and themselves.



Joy Mullen 




Joy Mullen teaches music at Richmond Consolidated school. She conducts the Concert Band, Jazz Band,  Beginners band and the choruses. She teaches instrumental lessons to students in grades 4-8. She is a Level III certified Orff-Schulwerk instructor and uses this approach primarily in teaching students in grades PreK-3. Students in grade 3 learn to play the recorder and play "Recorder Karate" at the end of each school year.

In addition to music, Mrs. Mullen enjoys sports, especially basketball. She also spends time gardening. She is married to Roger Mullen and has two adult children.


Physical Education: Sue Martin 



Sue Martin is the Physical Education and Health teacher at Richmond Consolidated School. She has been a Physical Education teacher for twenty years at various schools. Sue holds a B.S. degree in Physical Education and Health from the University of Massachusetts.  In 1983 Sue graduated from Smith College with a M.S. in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science. Her classes teach the entire child: physically, mentally and emotionally. Students are encouraged to try new activities and take new risks knowing that everyone in the class will treat them with respect. Sue enjoys the variety of teaching all grades. Each child is unique and special in his or her own way. A simple smile during the day by a child makes her realize how great it is to be a teacher.

Sue lives in Pittsfield with her husband John. She has three adult boys and a daughter-in-law.

Sue enjoys skiing, swimming, hiking and spending time with her family.



Kristin Smith 




Mrs. Kristin Smith is the school librarian and enjoys class visits every Friday from grades Pre-K through Fifth.  Sixth through Eighth grade visit the library individually or with their classroom teachers.

For all her students, Mrs. Smith encourages a life long love of reading.  She helps students find books and materials for classroom assignments.  Since 2004, Mrs. Smith has enjoyed watching students’ reading tastes develop and expand.

Mrs. Smith lives in Richmond with her husband and two daughters.