Dia de Los muertos with señora

We chose this topic because Señora Torra has been a great teacher and a wonderful friend. On Dia de los Muertos (November 2nd)  she wore festive makeup and dressed as a sugar skull. 

rcs kindergarten shows support for our veterans

On November 2, 2016, the kindergarten at RCS worked on a fun project to show support for our veterans at the Veteran's Day luncheon on November 10th right here at RCS.

This post is brought to you by Talia Caine, an 8th grade student at RCS.

Technology Class Code.org

Grades 1-8 started this school year learning computer programming. Students have been so excited to share what they have learned in class with teachers, family, and friends. Many student have also asked if they could continue to learn/create at home. Below you will find grades 1-6 classroom links. (Grades 7&8 have their own usernames and passwords that they can login on code.org)

  • Grade 1


  • Grade 2


  • Grade 3


  • Grade 4


  • Grade 5


  • Grade 6


Any questions please feel free to email me any time. dsadlowski@richmondconsolidated.org



For why student should be learning computer programming check out the video below!

RCS Hikes Mt Greylock

After playing games, collecting bugs, and learning about the mountain at the Visitor's Center, over 60 students from grades 5-8 hiked to the top of Mt Greylock! There, they enjoyed the views, ate lunch, and embarked on a scavenger hunt. It was a beautiful sunny day and, as one student put it, "the best day of school that I ever had."

To see more pictures, tap on the image below.

Grade 7/8 Trip to DC

The 7/8 grade DC trip was a success! The trip activities were carefully designed to reinforce classroom studies across the curriculum. Here are some highlights: 

- Exploring George Washington's Mount Vernon

- Plein air sketching in the National Sculpture Garden

- Exploring constitutional law at the National Archives. Check out our video at:


- Sampling international fare outside the Museum of Air and Space

- Experiencing the National Aquarium at night

- Completing a covert operation at the International Spy Museum

- Admiring the atrium of the National Galleries

- Learning more about WWII at the National Holocaust Museum

- Honoring our veterans at the monuments

- Photo ops at The White House...

...and much, much more! 

Check out some highlights: 


Star Wars Computer Programming

1st Grade students working individually as well as collectively using drag-drop blocks.  Students learn to program droids, and create your own star wars game in a galaxy far, far away on code.org

Technology Class Cardboard Challenge

Finishing off the school year RCS Technology Class participated in the Cardboard Challenge. A worldwide celebration of child creativity inspired by the short film,”Caine’s Arcade.” This Challenge engages kids all over the world in creative play.

RCS students designed and built games and other creations from cardboard, recycled materials and their imaginations.

To learn more about the Imagination Foundation and the Global Cardboard Challenge, watch:

Caine’s Arcade

Caine’s Arcade 2: From a Movie to a Movement

Buddy Games 2015

School Lunch Hero Day

Celebrating our amazing lunch staff and all they do. Students created cards, videos, comics and more to say thank you!


Students have been working hard learning computer programming. Click here to find out why coding is kind of a big deal.  



In Technology class students are learning computer programming. Every student K-8 has their own account on code.org (younger students K-4 also have their own classroom which is a specific address they were given on their code cards) Click here for further information on computer science.


In technology K-8 student have been learning computer programming. The students are excited to participate in "The Hour of Code" again this year. This will take place on computer science week (Dec. 8-14th). Our students have been working much more than one hour using programs like Khan Academy, Code.org, Scratch.mit.edu and more.  

C.A.R.E.S. badges in technology

1st and 3rd grade earned stars for their C.A.R.E.S. badges. They received a star for showing cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, self control in the classroom. Students enjoyed sharing final thoughts on each student by giving examples of their classmates' positive achievements.  

Amazing work in technology!

At RCS in technology class grades K-8 were introduced to basic concepts of computer science learning repeat-loops, conditionals, algorithms, and more!

Grades 6-8 had a set curriculum where students worked at their own pace to try and complete the online course. Code.org partnered up with donorchoose.org and offered to fund $1,000 in classroom funding to the first 1,000 U.S. public school teachers who successfully established this course and led at least 15 students through it.

I'm proud to say that all students worked very hard on this. However a select number of students worked hard enough to complete the course and I would like to recognize them: 

1. Kyle Stasiewski (8)

2. Soren Smedvig (7)

3. Ben Zoeller (8)

4. Jake Lyons (6)

5. Jade Garstang (7)

6. Lindsay Wincek (8) 

7. Love Cummings (8)

8. Nina Snowise (5)

9. Lexie Morse (8)

10. Sung Hee Lee (7)

11. Forest Borden (8) 

12. Sara Rawson (6)

13. Daniella Santamarina & Sienna Gamberoni (6)

14. Evan Smith (6)

15. Sam Pierce (6)

16. Ella Biancolo (6)

17. Paige Begley (7)

18. Soffia Smedvig (7)

19. Frankie Wilnauer (7)

20. Mathew Biolotta (7)


RCS was granted $1,000! We are looking to get another iMac for our computer lab. If you would like to help us fund the remanding amount please do so by clicking this link. Thank you so much for considering!


Some Key Concepts Taught in this Course

  • What is computer science?
  • What is a computer scientist?
  • Being a responsible computer scientist
  • Applications of computer science
  • Basic understanding of binary
  • How to debug
  • How the Internet works
  • Programming concepts
    • Sequencing
    • Loops
    • Conditionals
    • Functions
    • Functions with parameters
    • Variables
  • Computational Thinking
    • Decomposition
    • Patterns
    • Abstraction
    • Algorithms