→ Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon ←

Richmond School is back at it again with The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon! This year they did an insane performance of all 209 fairytales of The Brothers Grimm fit into 2½ hours. The process was fun and crazy including lots of games, directions, running, and most of all screaming. The whole cast was very enthusiastic throughout the whole performance. The  play was very well directed by the one and only Amy Brentano who had been doing the plays here for years. Although she had taken a break and left for three or so years to go to BCD, she eventually came back to the school in convenience of her children having similar break times between high school and middle school. The process began deep into December when they had auditions and then their first rehearsal right before the holiday break. The play opened on February 10th and continued on to have a matinee and a night show on Saturday. Overall, the play was wonderful and exciting with much audience participation, and we all hope that Amy will come back next year!

By  grade 7's Micah Kanz and Joe Weinberg