5th Grade Volleyball

The 5th grade has been working with Mrs. Martin on learning how to play volleyball in gym class. While they were playing Ava Gamberoni and Alyssa Potvin had the privilege to go down and take photos of the fifth grade during their volleyball class.

7th Grade Science Project

7th graders are working on geological timelines. They started March 16, 2017. Here are a couple of photos from 7th period science.   


By: Paige Szymanski, Cate Bennett, Maria Adams, and Cassidy Kenney.

Persuasive Environmental Essays

Grade 7B works on ELA and Science persuasiveessays on environmental issues that they feel passionate about. This may include rising sea level, pollution in space, animal endangerment, and so many other great and very important topics.

By, Julia Rhind

→ Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon ←

Richmond School is back at it again with The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon! This year they did an insane performance of all 209 fairytales of The Brothers Grimm fit into 2½ hours. The process was fun and crazy including lots of games, directions, running, and most of all screaming. The whole cast was very enthusiastic throughout the whole performance. The  play was very well directed by the one and only Amy Brentano who had been doing the plays here for years. Although she had taken a break and left for three or so years to go to BCD, she eventually came back to the school in convenience of her children having similar break times between high school and middle school. The process began deep into December when they had auditions and then their first rehearsal right before the holiday break. The play opened on February 10th and continued on to have a matinee and a night show on Saturday. Overall, the play was wonderful and exciting with much audience participation, and we all hope that Amy will come back next year!

By  grade 7's Micah Kanz and Joe Weinberg


Ramblewild is a tree-to-tree adventure park located in Berkshire County. They harvest maple syrup along with maple water and offer an areal park outdoors right among the trees across 1400+ acres of land. This adventure park, in Feronia Forests', consists of 8 courses with over 130 individual elements used to excite and challenge visitors' minds and bodies and envelope them in the beautiful Hemlock grove. The arial park is on 10+ acres of land and has a 200 foot suspension bridge along with zip lines over the ravine which divides it. Ramblewild also offers programs for schools and rumor has it that the upper grades here at Richmond, might be visiting it closer to the end of school.

By: Aurora Smedvig

Second Grade hard at work.

The Second grade working hard and having fun.

by, Grade 7 Hannah Masiero and Anna Rawson

Career Day!

Last week Richmond School celebrated their school spirit by dressing up for career day! This was part of a week long celebration for the birthday of children's book author Dr. Seuss.

Post by: Eve McDougall and Julia Rhind

Voting With 1st Grade On The New School Snack!

On November 4 Cassidy and Ava, went down to the 1st grade to see what they were doing. We soon found out that were voting! Yes yes we know that 1st graders are a little young to vote so with the election however they were voting on the new school snack! The choices were all so good but the results clearly pointed on the S'mores Brownies. We will have this brownie on January 1st! I think it is safe to say that all the kids are very excited for January to try the new snack for the first time. 

This post is done by, Ava Gamberoni and Cassidy Kenney


6th graders working hard in math!

The 6th graders were working on the distributive property.

Pictures and posted by Nick Zanin.

Having fun with the 5th graders in gym!

The 5th graders and Mrs. Martin are having fun playing with the parachute in P.E.!

Written By Alyssa Potvin & Sam Cybulski

Photography done By Alyssa Potvin

7B learns about ancient cuneiforms

We chose to blog in the grade 7B Social Studies and English Language Arts. 7B is learning about the importance of scribes and how cuneiforms were used.

By: Aurora and Julia

the annual scholastic book fair

The book Fair is a great place encourage children of all ages to read with fun, age appropriate books and toys!

By: 7th grade students, Hannah Masiero and Eve McDougall

Dia de Los muertos with señora

We chose this topic because Señora Torra has been a great teacher and a wonderful friend. On Dia de los Muertos (November 2nd)  she wore festive makeup and dressed as a sugar skull. 

rcs kindergarten shows support for our veterans

On November 2, 2016, the kindergarten at RCS worked on a fun project to show support for our veterans at the Veteran's Day luncheon on November 10th right here at RCS.

This post is brought to you by Talia Caine, an 8th grade student at RCS.

Technology Class Code.org

Grades 1-8 started this school year learning computer programming. Students have been so excited to share what they have learned in class with teachers, family, and friends. Many student have also asked if they could continue to learn/create at home. Below you will find grades 1-6 classroom links. (Grades 7&8 have their own usernames and passwords that they can login on code.org)

  • Grade 1


  • Grade 2


  • Grade 3


  • Grade 4


  • Grade 5


  • Grade 6


Any questions please feel free to email me any time. dsadlowski@richmondconsolidated.org



For why student should be learning computer programming check out the video below!