Richmond Consolidated Schools' Food Program



Food Service Director - Job Description:


TITLE:                Supervisor OF Food Services


QUALIFICATIONS: Associate’s Degree in culinary arts.


Experience in food service operations, including food preparation and site management.

Demonstrated experience with computer systems, Point of Service Systems, and financial reporting.


Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable.


REPORTS TO: Principal


EVALUATOR: Principal or her/his designee.




To lead efforts which promote a quality child nutrition program, and to ensure each school child equal access to the program.


To work towards making the program an integral part of the education process in collaboration with teachers and staff.


To offer a range of appealing food choices, taking advantage of locally sourced food when possible.  


To treat students, staff, and visitors with respect.


To continually work toward fiscal solvency and growth in the Food Services Program.


To cooperate and communicate efficiently and effectively with town, school and state personnel.




Prepares and administers the food service budget.


Purchases and maintains an inventory of all foods, supplies, and equipment.


Standardizes cafeteria accounting procedures to comply with procedures prescribed by the Town of Richmond, in cooperation with the Richmond Town Treasurer and/or Accountant.


Maintains thorough, accurate, and up-to-date financial records relating to food service operations.


Checks all bills for accuracy before presenting them to the principal for processing.


Makes all applications for federal and state cafeteria reimbursements.


Arranges for audits of cafeteria accounts through state auditors.


Standardizes prices charged for various types of lunches, including the price of milk.


Standardizes, as much as possible, the size of portions served as related to lunch type, per USDA guidelines.


Plans and supervises the preparation and serving of menus on a weekly basis. Informs public of planned menu lunches on a weekly basis.


Ensure that standards of diet, sanitation, safety, and health are maintained, and to recommend any improvements that could be made in operations.


Takes advantage of professional development opportunities, per USDA Professional Standards guidelines, to maintain required hours of annual education/training.  Ensures other staff completes required training as well.


Ensure compliance with published MA DESE, Department of Public Health (DPH), USDA nutritional and other requirements for student meals program.


Ensure compliance with all MA ServSafe, HACCP, health and sanitation codes and regulations.


Supervises and evaluates food service workers; provide mentoring when needed..


Checks all food service personnel time sheets.


Ensures that food service inventory and facilities are used only for the benefit of the food service meals program, unless otherwise authorized by the Principal.


Supervises the planning and preparation of any special meals required for school and other sponsored events, as authorized by the Principal.  


Provides assistance and suggestions for the preparation and serving of government commodity foods.


Makes application for government commodity foods for school cafeteria use, and directs its distribution and transfer.


Ensures all eligible free and reduced lunch student are identified through required updating of Direct Certification.  Distributes Free and Reduced Price Lunch applications. Processes all applications and approves/denies as applicable according to Department of Education guidelines.  Responds to parents/guardians regarding the status of their application. Enters approved application information into database. Maintains all applications on file as required.


Performs other tasks and assumes other responsibilities the Principal or Superintendent may assign or delegate.


July 26, 2018