Counselors Corner




Universal Activities and Class Instruction

In addition to supporting our school-wide positive climate initiatives surrounding a CARES community, it is my intention to deliver weekly universal instruction about CARES to all classes.   Currently, I’m identifying the social and emotional needs of the students and grade levels to inform which evidence-based curriculum will support those needs. Presently, I am using the Second Step program for middle school this semester and the LifeSkills Training program next semester.  Upper elementary grades (3rd-5th) will receive both experiential and Steps to Success lessons. RCS recently acquired a Social Thinking Curriculum called We Thinkers! that I’m reviewing and preparing to deliver with lower elementary grades (PK-2nd) soon.  Your input is welcome in this regard as I wish to gather a diverse group of school climate stakeholders of parents, teachers, students and residents to advise me in my work and these decisions.  

Strategic Group Support

Sometimes students struggle with applying the knowledge and skills of the CARES curriculum inside and outside of school settings.  If a student is identified by myself, our staff, or you as someone who is struggling with this application, then the student may receive targeted (think W.I.N.-What I Need) instruction and support in a small group class formerly known as “Booster Groups”.  These :20-:30 min. pull-out groups would be scheduled once a week with the least impact possible on their academic and specials class schedules. Students would participate for 6-8 weeks and then I’d reassess whether the student would need to continue this targeted support.  

Intensive Individual Support

If a student is identified as has having significant challenges to living out any of the CARES values or your student is not responding well to targeted groups, I will request your permission to meet with your student individually once a week for intensive instruction and support for 4-6 weeks or until he/she has demonstrated the CARES expectations well enough to discontinue this intensive support.  

Additionally, as a mental health professional in the community, I am able to guide you and your student in accessing and integrating outside supports should you wish to seek more resources for you and your student.

Communicating with Me

In my role as your school adjustment counselor, I anticipate you might want to connect with me at some point about your student.  The best way to communicate with me in person is by scheduling an appointment with me. I am available Tue and Thu mornings between 8:30-9:15.  If those days/times do not work, please email or call me with what time would work during the school day and I will do my best to accommodate. Otherwise, we can schedule a conversation over the phone or communicate by email.  My email is and my office extension is #117.  I also created online referral forms that are linked in this “Counselor’s Corner” page of the website.  You may also pick up one in the main office or outside my door.